Patriotism: 7 habits of a writer

Ramakant Dash
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

1> Purpose of a writer should be writing, not to become a writer.

2> So much worry about expectation of the appreciation of your work by everyone is your self-made pressure. Write for yourself, someone may like it. You have the control on yourself, you cannot control others. Your writing should not be driven by ambition, it should be driven by your passion.

3> If you can speak or read or write or think, then you can be a writer. It is not necessary to underestimate yourself or overestimate yourself. Just write your thoughts and keep improving your writing.

4> Do not wait for the right time to write. There is no right time in life. Present time is the right time. Because no one can guarantee our next breath. Who knows which moment is our last moment on this earth?

5> There is nothing like the writer’s block. If you are not able to write something or you are not able to proceed further, then give yourself a break or read or write something else or do more research on that subject. When you will gather something to write, then you can write. Writers should not deceive themselves in the name of writer’s block or they do not have time to write or they do not have anything to say to the world.

6> If you don’t know how to read or write, still you can become a writer. You can narrate your thoughts to someone, who can write your thoughts and turn it into a book. Thought or wisdom does not have a language. If it can be communicated to someone, then it can be written down as well.

7> Writing a draft is important. It is easy to review or derive or fine tune something than nothing. When you enter into a swimming pool, you can start swimming. Without entering into the swimming pool, you can never swim.If you want to become a writer, then start writing now and write whenever you feel like writing. No one is watching you and no one is judging you. If you have passion to write, then just start your journey now. Because present is what we have in our hand. Past has gone and future we don’t know.

Happy writing.

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